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24 Apr, 2019    Social Media Marketing

What Is Structural Assessment And Structural Engineering?

Structural Assessment Services

A structural assessment is the process through which engineers can check the adequacy, structural strength and soundness of structures and their components. A structural assessment is made to evaluate the current condition of the structures and to determine the future use and conformance of the current building codes.

All buildings and structures need regular periodical inspection to make sure the structural safety, strength and stability under normal or actual loads and also reducing the possibility of unappropriate collapse under unanticipated or accidental loads.

The results of having inefficient structural integrity can be dangerous to public safety and you may not be able to support the loads which it was designed for.

Our structural evaluation process involves visual observations of structural members like columns, beams, joists, load bearing walls, slabs, roof decking, foundations, and connections for monitoring any possible signs of structural deficiencies like the cracks, excessive movements, bowing, deflections, differential settlements. We also monitor any evidence of any distress and material deterioration. Our highly skilled and professional engineers assess the structural elements ensuring that they will continue to perform their intended function safely.

At Hexacure, we believe not just in completing the tasks but in complete them with precision. He is how we make it possible:

  • Analysis and design of existing structures
  • Design of repair/strengthening/retrofitting scheme
  • Preparation of BOQ
  • Drafting of technical specifications
  • Sourcing of specialty raw materials
  • Material characterisation
  • Design approvals
  • Third party certifications
  • Cost estimation

In a nutshell, constructed structures and buildings are continuously repurposed and modified in order to stay strong all the way through an enhance its building performance materials and meet new functional needs. Hexacure offers structural assessment and also the strengthening services for repurposing of entire buildings, as well as localised strengthening for purpose of installation of new mechanical equipment. Despite the modifications, it is also much more important to understand the probable structural impacts of these changes.
Our extensive renovation experience includes many structural systems, both new and old. We evaluate current structures to determine the structural condition, and also store and document previous modifications, and locate areas of age-related stress and deterioration that can affect the proposed changes. We then determine whether any a structural strengthening is necessary or not. and if so, what alternatives might be suggested in order to complete the strengthening with minimum impact to existing operations.

Our Structural Assessment Services

  • Condition Assessment/ Forensic Evaluation of Existing Structure
  • Preliminary assessment
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Preparation of as-built drawings
  • Budgetary cost estimation

Supervision/Execution of Repair, Protection and Strengthening Work

  • Setting up quality norms and procedures
  • Project monitoring
  • On-site real-life load tests

If you are looking for more info about our structural assessment services or want a quote for your project, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

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