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Hexacure's Structural Strengthening And Protection Services

Hexacure's Structural Strengthening And Protection Services

Hexacure offers a range of versatile products and services which are developed by Bhor Chemicals & Plastics Pvt. Ltd. exclusively for the purpose of repair, protection, strengthening and restoration of the construction structures. We are a team which caters to clients through the turnkey innovative solutions using advanced material system of Fiber Reinforced Polymer.
We are especially developed for concrete, reinforced-concrete, masonry, steel, wood and even composite structures to improve strength, durability and overall performance of the constructional structure.

Today, we are discussing the protection and strengthening services offered by Hexacure.

Condition Assessment/ Forensic Evaluation of Existing Structure

  • Preliminary assessment of the site
  • Non-destructive testing of the site
  • Preparation of as-built drawings
  • Budgetary cost estimation

Structural Assessment

  • Analysis and design of existing structures
  • Designing of repair/strengthening/retrofitting scheme
  • BOQ preparation
  • Drafting of technical specifications
  • Sourcing the specialty raw materials
  • Material characterisation
  • Design approval
  • Third Party Certification
  • Cost estimations

    Supervision/Execution of Repair, Protection and Strengthening Work

    • Setting up quality norms and procedures
    • Project site monitoring
    • On-site real-life tests

    The main objective of repair work is to restore the existing structure, and to protect the surface and the sections including reinforcement from the severe environment. Repairs require initial preparation like blasting, chipping, milling, sanding, chemical treatment, etc.

    Structural protection techniques are meant to help in extending the service life span of the existing constructional structure by protecting it from the environmental attack. Such systems are available in the form of coatings, grouts, sealers, liners, cathodic protection and overlays.

    Strengthening is the process of enhancing or restoring load carrying capacity of the existing structure. We at Hexacure offer a complete range of structural strengthening system, which contains a range of specialty products like HEXACURE® Prime, HEXACURE® Matrix, HEXACURE® Force-C, HEXACURE® Force-G, HEXACURE® Tensor, HEXACURE® Bond, and many more.

    Want to know more about our protection and strengthening services? Connect with us now to learn more!


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