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15 Mar, 2020    Social Media Marketing

Everything you wanted to know about Structural Repairs

Hexacure's Structural Repair Services

There are many ways in which a concrete structure may lose its strength and stability over time. But to ensure the safety and well-being of occupants as well as safeguard assorted assets housed in the building, it is crucial to maintain the structural integrity of the built environment.

Today, we are discussing the protection and strengthening services offered by Hexacure.

Reasons for structural deficiency

» Faulty design and detailing
» Poor construction, use of low-grade materials, unsatisfactory workmanship and negligence in quality assurance
» Movement of concrete caused due to settlement of the foundation, thermal expansion, etc.

Reasons for structural damage

» Natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, etc.
» Fires, chemical deterioration and decay due to marine environments
» Abrasion, wear, and tear, impact, dampness, etc.

Structural healing solutions from Hexacure

Hexacure is a suite of Retrofitting and Structural Strengthening & Repair products that enhance the overall performance and improve the load-carrying capacity of concrete as well as many other structures. Hexacure is the outcome of intensive research and innovation in the field of high-performance composites.

Specialty products for Structural-Repairs

Whether it is due to normal wear and tear or incidental impact, buildings tend to lose their aesthetic grace as well as exhibit functional deterioration. These could show up themselves in the form of cracks, spalling of concrete, exposure of reinforcement, extreme deflection, among other aberrations. Whatever the reason or manifestation, it is important to restore the appearance as well as the utilitarian efficacy of structures.

After completing the initial preparations, one or more of the following products are used as per the prevalent situation:

» Filling the cracks with HEXACURE® Pack (Putty) » Treating embedded cracks and honeycomb with HEXACURE® Grout
» Repairing potholes with HEXACURE® PM (polymer-modified mortar) and/or micro-concrete
» Ensuring bond between old and new concrete using HEXACURE®
» Connecting, replacing the section locally with HEXACURE PM and/or micro-concrete
» Overlaying with HEXACURE® FRP wrapping system/mortar etc.

Want to know more about our Structural Repair services? Connect with us now to learn more!


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