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30 Jul, 2020

FRP Composites: The Smarter Choice for Structural Strengthening

FRP Composites: The Smarter Choice for Structural Strengthening

Effective and Economical Than Traditional Structural Strengthening Techniques

The need for Structural Strengthening Structural Strengthening comes into the picture when a concrete structure has become dilapidated or damaged. It is also required when there is increased load requirement due to design defects or code changes as well as higher life-span requirements owing to ageing of the asset.

Limitations of traditional techniques Irrespective of the reason, impacted concrete structures can turn into a liability if timely corrective action is not taken. Steel jacketing and concrete section enlargement are the most popular methods conventionally used for strengthening of various types of concrete buildings. However, these conventional methods have several limitations: increase in dead mass, reduction in free usable space, slower pace of implementation and difficulty in installation. Also, they require heavy equipments at the project site.

What are FRP Composites? FRP Composites are lightweight and high-performance materials. These are obtained by synthesizing carbon or E-glass fibres with a polymer substance. Used in aerospace, automotive and defence production sectors, FRP Composites are now finding widespread use in the civil engineering industry as well.

Advantages of FRP Composites Composite Structural Strengthening has witnessed a sharp rise in recent years. Used in situations that require a high strength-to-weight ratio, FRP Composites score over conventional techniques in many ways.

Key advantages of FRP Jacketing include:
• Easier and faster installation procedure
• Convenient, user-friendly application technique
• Considerable capacity enhancement
• Minimal weight gain
• Non-corrosive in nature
• Superior tensile strength
• Compatible with multiple coatings/finishes
• Highly effective for confinement and shear strengthening applications

Hexacure - The leader in Composite Structural Strengthening As a renowned name in Structural Strengthening and Protection services, Hexacure is strongly positioned to address diverse structural concerns through the application of appropriate FRP Composites.

We leverage our ability to innovate and apply new-age sustainable construction materials, where traditional materials and methods have turned out to be ineffective. To know more about how our high-performance FRP Composites and proven techniques can fulfil your Structural Strengthening needs,

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