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Structural Repairs

Hexacure- Structural Repair Products and Services

Normal wear and tear impacts the aesthetic look as well as functional performance of structures. Structural Repairs are needed to restore normalcy. HEXACURE® offers range of products devised to effectively carry out the required structural repairs.

The main objective of repair work is to restore the existing structure, protect the surface and/or sections beneath including reinforcement from severe environment. Repairs require initial surface preparation like blasting, chipping, milling, sanding, chemical treatment, etc. And thereafter, depending on severity of the problem, it involves filling the cracks with mortar and/or high performance HEXACURE® Pack (putty), treating embedded cracks and honeycomb with HEXACURE® Grout, repairing pot holes with HEXACURE® PM (polymer modified mortar) and/or micro-concrete, ensuring bond between old and new concrete using HEXACURE® Connect, replacing the section locally with HEXACURE PM and/or micro-concrete, overlaying with HEXACURE® FRP wrapping system/mortar etc.

Mainly deteriorated and damaged structures need structural repairs.