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Retrofitting, Structural Strengthening
and Repair Products

Proven Solutions for efficient Retrofitting, Structural Strengthening and Repair

Based on the output of condition assessment and structural assessment, each problem needs to be attended with due care as follows:

Structural Repair

Normal wear and tear impacts the aesthetic look as well as functional performance of structures. Structural Repairs are needed to restore normalcy. The HEXACURE® collection has every conceivable product needed to effectively carry out the required structural repairs.

The main objective of repair work is to restore the existing structure, protect the surface and/or sections beneath including reinforcement from severe environment. Repairs require initial surface preparation like blasting, chipping, milling, sanding, chemical treatment, etc. And thereafter, depending on severity of the problem, it involves filling the cracks with mortar and/or high performance HEXACURE® Pack (putty), treating embedded cracks and honeycomb with HEXACURE® Grout, repairing pot holes with HEXACURE® PM (polymer modified mortar) and/or micro-concrete, ensuring bond between old and new concrete using HEXACURE® Connect, replacing the section locally with HEXACURE PM and/or micro-concrete, overlaying with HEXACURE® FRP wrapping system/mortar etc.

Mainly deteriorated and damaged structures need structural repairs.

Structural Protection

Protection techniques help in extending service life span of the existing structure by protecting it from environmental attack.

Outwardly appearances may be deceptive. Only a professional, comprehensive structural assessment will reveal the gaps and necessitate protective measures.

Systems are available in the form of coatings, grouts, sealers, liners, cathodic protection and overlays. Owing to their multifaceted and diverse applications, grouts are especially in high demand. We have specialty material systems like HEXACURE® Redox-R, HEXACURE® Redox-I, HEXACURE® Redox-C, HEXACURE® Grout, etc.

Structural Strengthening

Whether it is normal deterioration, disintegration due to sudden impact or basic design defects, structures tend to get weak over the years. Structural Strengthening is the process of consolidating the structures to make them fit and functional.

Strengthening is the process of enhancing or restoring load carrying capacity of the existing structure. Techniques include providing conventional jacketing using steel/ concrete/micro-concrete, FRP composite systems, etc. Concrete jacketing is ideally suitable for restoring the strength and stiffness of beams, columns and beam-column junctions when the corrosion level is moderate.

High strength-to-weight ratio and exceptional weather resistance are the key reasons behind the growing demand for FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) composite systems. From the restoration of historic buildings to the structural rehabilitation of dams, bridges, tunnels and piers, FRP has come a long way indeed. At Bhor Chemicals & Plastics Pvt. Ltd., we know that strengthening using FRP composite systems is the most advanced method that offers many unique advantages. We offer complete range of strengthening system, which consists of specialty products like HEXACURE® Prime, HEXACURE® Matrix, HEXACURE® Force-C, HEXACURE® Force-G, HEXACURE® Tensor, HEXACURE® Bond, etc.

Mainly strengthening is required in change in use, change in codal provisions, and in faulty construction/design and defects

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